Attention, Emotions, and Memories

The posterior cingulate cortex is involved with several processes in the brain.  It is part of the default mode network, which we talked about in an earlier episode.  Recently, we’ve been focusing on the concept of attention, and examining how attention works from a cognitive standpoint.  We want to ultimately get to a place where we can better understand how to use skills or tactics for shaping what we pay attention to so that we can have a better life.

To get a breakdown of the PCC as a brain structure and learn more about its functions, read this.

To refresh your understanding of the default mode network, watch this episode.

Sometimes, we get caught up in our own inner thoughts and emotions.  We might be caught up in memories from the past, or dwell in emotions that keep us stuck in our past.  If you want to thrive, you must live in the now!  Finding ways to pull yourself out of the past and be mindful of the present moment is crucial.