Do Affirmations Work?

Can you get better results through the use of self-affirmations?  We discuss how they work in this episode. Want to do some extra reading about the effects of self-affirmations?  Here are a couple of bonus items: 1.  One study suggests self-affirmations reduce people’s threat response. 2.  Another study shows that self-affirmations alter the brain’s response […]

Intention and Attention: Shaping Your Thoughts for Maximum Happiness

We’ve talked about attention as a threat assessment method for human beings in two earlier episodes, but in this third episode, we’re going to talk specifically about what you can do to shift your attention, as well as how to set an intention that guides what you pay attention to.  We’ll explain pattern interrupts, chunking, […]

Google Glass Addiction?

Can you be addicted to anything?  In this episode, we examine a news article about a man who became addicted to technology.  Dr. Mani Saint-Victor explains how addiction works in the brain, and we get some perspective from a Google Glass user.

Hypnosis and Confidence

Chris Delaney helps people boost their confidence and go into job interviews better prepared.  We spoke with him about what gets in people’s way and how to create confidence quickly and effectively. If you’d like to learn more about the work Chris, visit If you’d like help getting ready for your next interview, visit […]

Shame, Guilt, and Regret

We all know guilt, shame, and regret are negative states, but in this video we discuss how these emotions actually impact the way your brain works and keep you from being motivated.

Motivation and Passion

What does passion have to do with motivation?  We’re not talking about passion in the romantic sense.  It’s about how you connect passionate energy to your identity and what matters to you.