How Does Attention Work?

In this episode, we discuss how attention works.  Now, this is a bigger topic than you might first think, so we’re really just getting started, but the concepts we discuss here will give you some things to think about, and we’ll follow up more in the future.  We’ll discuss attention vs awareness, then the three sub-components of attention, and we’ll even talk about the neurotransmitters involved.

If you want to learn more about the anterior cingulate cortex, check out this earlier episode.

Need more info on the dorsal attention network?  You can get that here.

One big takeaway from today’s episode: it’s all about threat assessment.  We’ve evolved to always be on the lookout for threats.  This protective feature can get out of hand, creating “distraction without traction” and/or a state of constant stress.  To deal with this, mindfulness training and self-hypnosis can be super useful tools.