We Want to Help You Thrive!

Our first commitment is to educating people about the power of the mind.  We produce videos and articles to help people understand how the mind works.

Every now and then, we get a request from our followers to create a product or service that supports people in learning the positive practices we talk about in our video episodes.

7 Days to Greater Mindfulness–$5.00brainsitting

We’ve talked a lot in our episodes about how mindfulness is a key to better living. It can help you boost your working memory, decrease your stress levels, increase your focus, and improve your relationships with others.  The research keeps coming in, supporting mindfulness as an important practice in daily living. We’ve told you that mindfulness can be quick and easy, and now we’ll SHOW you how it works.

Each day, for seven days, you’ll receive an email from us with a short video that teaches you a new mindfulness practice. The videos will always be less than three minutes long, and the exercises will be simple and easy to practice.  You’re getting mindfulness training for 71 cents a day!