About Us

This Is Our Passion.

Here at Hypnotic Thoughts, we have a driving passion to learn the science behind powerful transformation.  We spend our time (LOTS of time) studying the brain, the mind, and behavior.  Our ultimate goal is help people thrive.  We want to help you acquire the knowledge and skills that will give you the ability to take life the next level, no matter what level you’re at right now.


Manuel Saint-Victor, MD

Mani studied the mapping of imagined stimuli to perceived stimuli at Harvard University under Stephen M Kosslyn, the father of cognitive neuroscience.  He did his graduate work at UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine, followed by an intense Psychiatry residency at University of Miami (the busiest psychiatric trauma center in the United States). He is the co-creator of BEO (Brain Engine Optimization) and an expert in semiotics.

Dr. Saint-Victor consults with corporate groups and individuals, using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help people assess their own way of looking at the world and how they make decisions.  By raising people’s awareness of their own psychological profile, Mani helps people enrich their relationships with others and empowers them to create the change they desire.  It’s better living through science, and he loves his job!

Mani became fascinated with hypnotism at a young age, and his understanding of neuroscience gives him a unique perspective on the work that hypnotists do.  Despite his fascination, Dr. Saint-Victor didn’t get a chance to learn to hypnotize people until he found Paul Ramsay.  Their partnership has created a groundbreaking approach to hypnotism, one that is not simply rooted in the tradition of hypnotism, but a new model in which practices are informed by science.

Paul Ramsay, BCH  paulbw6

Paul has a Bachelor’s degree in English-Teaching and a Master’s in Secondary Education from the University of New Hampshire.  He was an English teacher and a student affairs professional before discovering his passion for hypnotism.  As a Board Certified hypnotist, Paul consults with clients to help them create positive change with hypnosis.  He also uses his skills as a Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach to help people live happier, empowered lives.

As a certified instructor of hypnotism, Paul keeps his formal training as a teacher in good use, helping people create new careers in consulting hypnotism and stage hypnotism.  He is the founder of BestHypnosisTraining.com, an annual presenter at the National Guild of Hypnotists’ convention, and the owner and moderator of the first hypnosis community established on Google+.

Paul also tours nationally as a stage hypnotist.  He created the first truly interactive stage hypnotism show, titled “Mind Games,” which uses remote controls and polling software to allow the audience to vote on what they want to see happen on stage.  Paul also produced the first reality web series about hypnotism in the fall of 2013.  “Hypnotic” followed Paul on tour and gave viewers an inside look at the life of a professional hypnotist.