Do Affirmations Work?

Can you get better results through the use of self-affirmations?  We discuss how they work in this episode. Want to do some extra reading about the effects of self-affirmations?  Here are a couple of bonus items: 1.  One study suggests self-affirmations reduce people’s threat response. 2.  Another study shows that self-affirmations alter the brain’s response […]

Google Glass Addiction?

Can you be addicted to anything?  In this episode, we examine a news article about a man who became addicted to technology.  Dr. Mani Saint-Victor explains how addiction works in the brain, and we get some perspective from a Google Glass user.

Hypnotic Thoughts: What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a meditation practice associated with improvements in everything from impulsivity, to anxiety.  It works by increasing activity in your parasympathetic nervous system. That’s the opposite of your fight, flight, faint system that we discussed in our Polyvagal Theory video. Neurohypnotic Bonus Nondirective meditation activates default mode network and areas associated with memory retrieval […]