Who Can Be Hypnotized?

In this episode we explore the relationship between suggestibility and hypnotizability.  We also discuss the concept of selectivity in trance.

What is Hypnosis?

The first video of our ten part series on hypnosis begins with an effort to create a working definition of hypnosis.  From there, we discuss related issues that affect people’s hypnotic experiences.

Hypnotic Thoughts: Deepening Hypnosis

Paul Ramsay and Dr. Mani Saint-Victor take you to a deeper level of the subconscious mind in this week’s simple hypnosis walkthrough.  As a followup to last week’s hypnotic induction video where we took you on a micro-hypnosis experience we discuss several types of deepeners including Elman’s technique of doubling as discussed in Hypnotherapy.  We […]

Collegiality Series: Kerrilee Pietroski

What is the CollegialiTea Series?

It started with Jerry Seinfeld.  No, really.  I heard from a friend that Jerry Seinfeld created this great project called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” in which Seinfeld picks up a fellow comedian in one of his many collectible cars, they go get coffee, and chat about life as comedians. It was such a simple […]

Hypnotic Thoughts: Simple Self-Hypnosis